With the PS1500 PEP Stations Offers a Charging Station For The Budget Conscious

PEP Stations have been around for several years and offer a variety of electric car charging stations that are sure to be a hit with your employees and customers. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to provide electric vehicle charging for your employees, then you should look no further than the PS1500 from PEP Stations.  This is a robust and reliable charging system that your employees are sure to love.

Plug n’ Go Functionality

PEP Stations’ PS1500 is the fundamental solution to electric vehicle charging. The vehicle driver simply needs to pull up, plug in and the LED indicator lights show the charging status.  There is no internet connection, access control or touch screen making the PS1500 truly a plug and charge station

Dual Level 2 Charging

Significantly reduce your installation costs with dual electric car charging stations from PEP Stations.  Dual charging allows your employees to charge two electric vehicles at once.  This is a big benefit when you look at the cost savings compared to installing one charging station for each vehicle to be charged.

What Sets Pep Stations Apart From The Competition

When it comes to electric vehicle charging stations, PEP Stations is one of the leaders in this entire industry.  There are several things that set PEP Stations apart from the competition when it comes to electric vehicle charging stations.

Raised Concrete Support

The PEP Station PS1500 and PS2000 both offer a fully integrated concrete base that prevents damage to the charging station.  Many of our competitors must install concrete bollards to protect their charging stations, where our concrete base is fully integrated into our system.

Trip Proof Cords

The last thing that you want is for someone to trip over your newly installed vehicle charging system cords.  With PEP Stations, we only use yellow, trip-proof coiled cords for your peace of mind.

ADA Compliance

Both the PS1500 and the PS2000 charging stations are completely ADA compliant.  This allows for all of your patrons or employees to use your electric vehicle charging station regardless of disabilities.  Other systems make it difficult for those with disabilities to charge their vehicles.

As you can see there are several things that set PEP Stations vehicle charging systems apart from the competition.  Contact the professionals at PEP Stations today if you are interested in learning more about the PS1500 or PS2000!

Disecting the new PS2000 Dual Electric Car Charging Station

PEP Stations has literally hit it out of the park with the new PS2000.  This new dual electric car charging station offers the ability for 2 vehicles to be charged at once.  This new unit boasts a host of new features compared to many other electric charging stations on the market today.

Versatile Card Reader

The PS2000 electric car charging station offers a versatile card reader which allows all different types of access depending on the credentials of the card used.  Control who has access to your charging station and how often they can “juice” up.

LED Screen

The PS2000 offers an 8 inch LED screen which is weatherproof and has a coating which allows it to be easily readable even in the sun.  This LED screen gives you all of the information that you need to know about the charging station and about your vehicle.

Stainless Steel Housing

With the PS2000 you do not have to worry about wear and tear.  With a durable stainless steel housing your investment should last for years to come.

If you are in the market for an electric car charging station, you should look very seriously at the PS2000 by PEP Stations.  There are very few charging stations on the market that offer so many features at such a reasonable price.


Invest in Green Living and See Immediate Rewards

If you are one of the people who can see a great opportunity for financial gain coupled with a greener lifestyle, you might consider making an investment in electric vehicle charging. Since electric and hybrid cars are becoming more popular every day, this is a fantastic time to get on board and aim your business at electric car charging.

As popular as electric and hybrid vehicles are, there is still a shortage of places where people can get electric vehicle charging when they are on the road. This could mean that they are limited in how far they can travel. More and more people are going to be using these types of vehicles in the future, so you may as well get in on it early. If you can install these charging stations at enough places before everyone else does, you will be the name that everyone looks to when it comes to travel and electric cars.

Where to Get Electric Car Chargers

Do you own a parking garage, business, or apartment complex and want to offer car charging services to employees or tenants? If so, you need to look for electric vehicle charging station manufacturers who can assist you. Not all of them are alike. Some electric vehicle charging station manufacturers only make chargers that are meant for use in a single or double stall garage rather than in an apartment complex or large parking garage.

As you go through your search, be sure to pay attention because not all chargers are the same. Some do not accept payments, so hooking these up would mean you pay all the fees associated with the devices. Our chargers are not meant for use in a single family home. They are meant to be used in commercial areas, where the people will pay for the electricity they use. If you intend to serve multiple people, you need a car charging station that can accept payments and be able to handle multiple uses per day.

Payment for Electric Car Charging

If you would like to set up electric car chargers for use by the public or for a specific group of people, you probably want to know how you should go about charging people for use of the station. You have a few options as to how you can go about this and they are all relatively simple.

A card reader comes on the electric car chargers so you never have to worry about handling cash. Since it is cellular and wi-fi capable, you will not have to worry about the cords that would normally provide you with the connection that allows credit and debit card access. In some cases, you could even sell prepaid cards that could be read by the machine so that people do not have to use their own debit cards. This would be something you might provide for an exclusive group of people, such as employees or tenants.

Where to Lease Electric Charging Stations for Cars

More and more people are driving electric cars today, but those who travel long distances tend to have some concerns about where they can charge their vehicles. The market for electric car charging stations is growing by leaps and bounds because of this need. Those who get in on it now stand to bring a whole new customer base to their business and at the same time establish the business as an environmentally friendly one, something that cannot be overlooked in this world of real time customer evaluation.

Many businesses today do not have electric charging stations for cars because they cannot afford to buy them. The option of leasing one may not have occurred to them yet. We not only offer a lease or buy option; we also allow you to determine your own rates and set it up the way you want it. If you set it up right, not only will you be able to afford to install one of these stations, but in the end have it pay for itself.

Earn While You Lease With Electric Vehicle Charging

If your company has decided to take advantage of the growing market for electric vehicle charging, but do not want to spend the money to purchase an electric car-charging station, rest easy. There are lease options available that may be exactly what your company is looking for. There are also benefits to leasing your electric vehicle charging station that you may not have thought of in the past.

When you lease your station, you do not have to have all of the funds it takes to purchase one, yet you do get all of the benefits of those who purchase them. For one thing, you can offer car charging as a bonus to your employees who drive electric cars. On top of that, you establish a presence as a company who has some concern about the environment and who encourages their employees to have this concern as well. When you offer the service to the public for a fee, your station can pay for itself!

Promote Going Green with a Parking Garage

You might think that it isn’t possible to promote green living with a parking garage, but it actually is and it is not even difficult to do. Two simple steps will get you started.

Install solar panels. A multi-level parking garage has plenty of space for solar panels. These can limit your lighting costs along with other electrical costs. In fact, you may end up earning credits from the electric company.

Install electric car chargers. Since electric cars are becoming so popular, you are sure to bring customers to your parking garage by offering electric car chargers for their use. Since they can pay directly at the charger, you don’t have to worry about manning the station. Of course, if you just want to increase parking fees you can use the chargers that don’t require use of a credit or debit card. Either way, you are still promoting reduced pollution and the use of renewable resources.

Draw in More Customers with Electric Vehicle Charging

If you are a savvy business owner, you know that you should use every advantage to increase consumer interest in your company. You also know that you can’t just say you are devoted to a cause because sooner or later people are going to look for you to demonstrate your devotion. An electric car charging station can help you out with that if you are someone who promotes your business as modern and working towards a cleaner Earth.

If you take the initiative to install even just one electric car charging station, you are already taking a step forward in offering a service that is fairly new. That means you will be sure to get customers almost immediately. In the meantime, they might also be interested in whatever other products or services you sell. At the very least, they will put out the word that you have a station and by default, send other customers your way. There just is not a losing option in this scenario.